English articles:

Most of these articles can be found on the website of Juan Cole ‘Informed Comment’, Thoughts on the Middle East, History and Religion: www.juancole.com

2006 - De Volkskrant, February the 4th, 2006 (‘All of us are Combis’, about compound identities and the danger of forced identity choices) This article is translated into English, French, Indonesian and Chinese and is added as an Epilogue to the corresponding translations of my book The Goose snatches the bread from the ducks, please see Goose book. A translation in German is also available, see on this website: Racism and Identity.

2008 - Informed Comment, November the 23rd and the 24th from Trouw March the 19th 2008 (about types of racism, loyalty and how the term ‘Islamophobia’ covers up for racism): There is racism and there is racism I and II: https://www.juancole.com/2008/11/wertheim-there-is-racism-and-there-is.html
and https://www.juancole.com/2008/11/wertheim-there-is-racism-and-there-is_24.html

2009 - Informed Comment, May the 15th 2009: ‘Wilders’ lethal words’ from De Volkskrant, January the 23rd 2009 ‘Wilders’ dodelijke woorden’ (analyses of the language of an extreme rightwing Dutch politician): http://www.juancole.com/2009/05/wertheim-wilders-lethal-words.html

2010 - Informed Comment, August the 30th 2010: Modern-day Racism: A Mixture That Calls for Some Clarification, at: www.juancole.com/2010/08/wertheim-modern-day-racism-a-mixture-that-calls-for-some-clarification.html and at: blogactiv.eu: http://athomeineurope.blogactiv.eu/2010/08/31/wertheim-modern-day-racism-a-mixture-that-calls-for-some-clarification-informed-comment/

2013 - Informed Comment, May the 14th 2013: Racism, the Sanctification of Rivalry and the Jealousy Taboo: http://www.juancole.com/2013/05/sanctification-jealousy-wertheim.html also commented on:

2013 - Informed Comment, December the 7th 2015: Crystal Night Must not be Repeated versus other European Minorities: https://www.juancole.com/2013/12/repeated-european-minorities.html

2015 - Informed Comment, June the 2nd 2015: Are there Echoes of the old Anti-Semitism in today’s Islam-Hatred? : https://www.juancole.com/2015/06/semitism-todays-hatred.html

2017 – Informed Comment, March the 13th 2017: Addicted to Racism: Why Populists Literally get off on Bigotry: https://www.juancole.com/2017/03/addicted-populists-literally.html

2017 - Informed Comment, October the 6th 2017: Colonial Legacy: When Dutch ‘Policing’ Op tried to bring down Indonesian Republic: https://www.juancole.com/2017/10/colonial-policing-indonesian.html

Unexplainable sounds entered our Japanese internment camp, Proclamation of the Republic of Indonesia, August the 17th 1945:
This article also appeared in Indonesian on the website Historia.ID: https://historia.id/militer/articles/pesan-dari-kamp-interniran-D80le/page/1

A Special Postcard: Speaking out against Concentration Camps, by a Survivor:
This article was also posted by Juan Cole ‘Informed Comment,’ ‘A special Postcard: Speaking out against Concentration Camps by a Survivor’:
Cluster bombs once against Vietnamese people and still in use today:
This article was posted the 23rd of August 2020 on the website of Juan Cole ‘Informed Comment’: https://www.juancole.com/2020/08/cluster-against-vietnamese.html

An Atomic bomb no bigger than a pencil:
This article was published on the website Informed Comment of Juan Cole:

The Indonesian who had stolen opium:

My drawings of shady ladies at the bar:

When politicians get involved in science:
In 2023 my article about the Mendel statue was published in ‘Folia Mendeliana’ in Brno:


Books/ Boeken

  • Theo Jansen & Anne-Ruth van Kammen-Wertheim: ‘Projectonderwijs, afleren en aanleren’, 1976. ISBN: 90 231 7111 X (Project Education, learning and unlearning)
  • Theo Jansen & Anne-Ruth van Kammen-Wertheim: ‘Themakeuze in open projectonderwijs’, 1981.
    ISBN: 90 231 7123 3 (Subject choosing in Open Project Education).
  • Theo Jansen & Anne-Ruth Wertheim: ‘Buiten de orde, dilemma’s in de ontwikkeling van projectonderwijs’, 1984. ISBN: 90 6168 222 3 (Outside the order of regular education, dilemmas in the development of Open Project Education).
  • A.R.Wertheim: ‘De methode voor de verwerking van emotionerende lesinhouden’; hoofdstuk in het losbladige handboek ‘Leren en Leven met groepen’, 1991. (How to help pupils come to terms with emotional contents of lessons, chapter in the manual ‘Learning and Living in groups’).
  • Anne-Ruth Wertheim, Lydia Zijdel & Lieke Ruijgers: ‘Weerbaarheid van vrouwen en meiden met een handicap’, 1993. ISBN: 90 5250 549 7/CIP (Strength and Defensibility of handicapped girls and women)
  • Anne-Ruth Wertheim: ‘Schurende Culturen, een kwalitatief onderzoek naar hoe er in de Basiseducatie wordt omgegaan met interculturele vraagstukken’, 1993 (Frictions between cultures, a qualitative research on intercultural behaviour in Adult Education)
  •  Anne-Ruth Wertheim: ‘De gans eet het brood van de eenden op, mijn kindertijd in een Jappenkamp op Java’, 1994. De tweede druk van dit boek kan worden doorgekeken op deze website onder De Gans, of gekocht via Boekwinkel.
  • Anne-Ruth Wertheim: The Goose snatches the Bread from the Ducks, my Childhood in a Japanese Internment Camp on the Isle of Java. This book can be looked up on this website under The Goose, or bought in the Bookshop.
  • 2020 Denkbeelden/Impressions in Stone go to buy the book to bookshop
  • 2021 Bij uitgeverij Verloren: Drie joodse herkomsten, Heijermans’ Ghetto, in 1906 opgevoerd in Odessa:
    https://uitgeverij-verloren-bv.email-provider.nl/web/iblftqnx9g/vl6oh9wxe4/64etwdd02b/9onrqc1ifk en https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_nmA9v16I4
  • 2021 Bij uitgeverij Starfish books: De poster met de blauwe ogen, getuigenissen tegen rassenwaan:

De Gans

Dit boek is behalve in het Engels, ook vertaald in het Frans, het Chinees, het Arabisch, het Indonesisch en het Japans. De Engelse, Franse, Chinese en Arabische versie kunnen op deze website worden doorgekeken onder De Gans , of gekocht in de Boekwinkel. Voor de Indonesische versie verwijzen wij naar Uitgeverij Galang Press in Yogyakarta, Indonesia: http://store.galangpress.com/ En voor de Japanse versie verwijzen we naar uitgeverij Uitgeverij Tokyo Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co.

The Goose

This book is not only translated in English, but also in French, Chinese, Arabic, Indonesian and Japanese. The English, the French, the Chinese and the Arabic versions can be looked up under The Goose, or bought in the Bookshop. If you want to buy the Indonesian version, please contact the Editor Galang Press in Yogyakarta, Indonesia: http://store.galangpress.com/ And if you would like to buy the Japanese version, please contact Tokuma Shoten Puclishing Co in Tokyo, Japan.

Van ‘De gans eet het brood van de eenden op’ bestaat ook een video, ingesproken door Anne-Ruth Wertheim, zowel in het Nederlands als in het Engels, die kan worden bekeken op deze website onder Video De Gans en kan worden besteld op www.cmo.nl/gans.

This written narration is also edited on DVD, both in Dutch and in English, spoken by the author and can be watched at this website under Video The Goose and ordered at www.cmo.nl/gans.

  • Nederlands: Anne-Ruth Wertheim en Lieneke Akkerman: ‘Het Eendere en het Eigene, creatieve verwerking van emoties, teweeg gebracht door films of gastsprekers in het onderwijs’. Deze uitgave kan worden besteld op deze website onder Boekwinkel.
  • English: Anne-Ruth Wertheim en Lieneke Akkerman: ‘The Universal and the Unique, Dealing with Teaching that Evokes Emotions, in particular Audiovisual Material and Guest Speakers’. This version can be ordered at this website, see Book shop