'The goose snatches the bread from the ducks, My childhood in a Japanese internment camp on the isle of Java’

In the camp we often used to play the goose board at night. We would put the goos­e board on a suitca­se and then we would squat around it. It was my mother who had made the goose board for us from the cardboard of an old box, when we were inside the camp. It was the timeless game with the geese, the dices, the well, the jail and Death. But now everything looked like it was in the camp.
Not only was my mother good at drawing, she wanted us to be good at it, too. She made my sister, my brother and me make sketches of everything we noticed around us in the camp. People outside the camps ought to know what had happened to us here. Otherwise people of later generations would make the same mista­kes over and over again, and allow people to do horrible things to one another.

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