When I began to teach biology at Wageningen High school, I did that for some years in the usual classical way. Then I started together with colleagues to develop a form of educational renewal that we named Open Project Education. About why and how and about the people who did it, you will find a lot of information below. The books we wrote about it you will find under Bibliography.

  • Principles, Characteristics and Objectives of Open Project Education
  • The Smokers’ Project 1973, one of our first projects
  • The Film Catalogue Open Project Education

In order to assist the peoples in conducting their research, we developed different methods:

  • Choosing your research subject (see the book Themakeuze under Biblography, in Dutch)
  • Asking meaningful questions, using the ‘List of Notions’
  • Reporting your research, ordering afterwards (Video only in Dutch)
  • Dealing creatively with teaching that evokes emotions, The Universal and the Unique (book that can be downloaded)