Fright (2001) Back Pierre de Lens, 17 cm From the Diary I wrote about my six grandchildren, all those times I took care of them when their parents were at work: November 28, 2002. Mayte 10 years, Lucien 9 years.

We leafed through the books full of sculptures from Tengenenge, Zimbabwe. They know I was taught by teachers who came from there and want to know what my sculptures mean.

Mayte: For you it’s always about grief and fear!

Lucien: Yes! And they’re always women.

Me: Well, that’s not totally true. For instance, what about that sculpture I made of Rudi. That’s a funny sculpture, isn’t it? And it’s a male!

Mayte: Just that one, but the rest …

Then she walks over to the “Fright” sculpture that depicts a frightened woman holding her hand in her mouth, strokes her head and says softly, Don’t be afraid!