See Article: identity-all-of-us-are-combis/ Back Ode to the Composed Identity (2004) Different types of stone, 26 cm A person is comprised of many building blocks. Innate or developed during your lifetime. Woman, man, in between, child of (grand)parents, (grand)parent of (grand)child(ren), sister, brother, descent, origin,
skin colour, sexual preference, the result of your experiences, cultural baggage, religion or no religion, talents, passions… Racism grabs one building block and fills it up with judgments. Without ever getting acquainted, so filled with prejudices.

I wanted to create an anti-racism sculpture. But that is against
something and a monument should stand for something. It had to become a monument to the diversity within each of us. For composed identity and for its recognition. A human figure made of stacked stone blocks
of various colours and patterns.

But the building blocks inside a person cannot be separated from one another: your origins affect your parenting, your passions develop from your talents and experiences. I needed to connect the stone blocks, but how?

More than fifty years later, I was back in Java, where I was born. In the Borobudur Temple, built in the eighth century, I took photos of the beautiful details. Of the connections between the building blocks of the domes under which the Buddha statues are seated. And of the connections between the
stones on the stone floor of the surrounding walkways.

I wanted to derive the connections between the stones in my sculpture from what I had seen in the Borobudur