The designations high- and low-educated have to be abolished !

The designations high- and low-educated have to be abolished. What names should be used instead is still unclear. One of the possibilities could be: theoretically and practically educated.

But I think it is more important that in the social discussion that is currently being conducted about this, essential aspects are missing and I will express them here:
The qualification 'low-educated' is not only condescending, but deprives those with little or no education, who usually work with their hands, of their dignity and self-esteem. The term 'worker', partly thanks to the labor movement, also had a combative meaning in addition to the literal indication of the type of work that was done.
Against the power of the owners of factories or land, workers had the power to deploy their labour-power. Or not to use it: to strike. From this the people could derive dignity and self-respect.

(1) No self-respect at all can be derived from the 'low-educated'; it merely subordinates one group to another and furthermore suggests that that group has more value.

(2) A second, serious disadvantage of the dichotomy between the high and the low educated is that it lends an appearance of justice to the gap between rich and poor.