Back Peter Hessel An image is placed in the middle of a large turntable. The lighting is controlled with a flash system. A photograph is taken every two centimeters. In total this involves a sequence of 125 photos per sculpture. The turntable and background are green. The color green makes it possible to remove the background and provide a new one. The photo sequence is imported into a movie editing program and processed into a movie. This creates ansculpture that rotates around. Many years ago I designed and built a website for Anne-Ruth Wertheim. We both had ideas about the form and about the content and worked closely together to visualize them as optimally as possible. The method hesselwebdesign One day she showed me some of the 22 images she had ever made and we discussed the possibilities of photographing them and putting them on the website, along with some thoughts she had had when making them and/or data about the sculpting process. Afterwards, one comment she had made remained in my head, namely that an image should always be interesting from all sides. I called her and suggested to make a video of each sculpture. Thus began a months-long and fascinating process of purchasing and building up the equipment, lugging with sculptures, photographing and, above all, many consultations, by telephone and live. The website is made in WordPress; the 22 films were placed on a pre-made page.